My Katy Locksmith

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Whether you own or rent, there are a few phone numbers you should always keep handy. On this list should be a trusty plumber, a dependable handyman and a reliable locksmith. My Katy Locksmith is one of the most trusted locksmiths operating in the Katy, Texas area. There is no telling when you might need a local locksmith but having the number of My Katy Locksmith programmed into your phone will make it easy to place that emergency or general service call.

Around the Clock Emergency Service

My Katy Locksmith is a dependable local business that is staffed 24/7. This means any time of the day or night you might need a locksmith, you can depend on My Katy. A call into the dispatch center will have one of our fully trained and licensed locksmiths heading your way within minutes. Most calls are answered under an hour!

Often we are embarrassed when we do something silly like lock our keys in the car or leave them in our house. The first feeling of dread is often replaced with panic. How can you get home if your car keys are locked inside? How can you get into your house without your keys? All of those feelings of uncertainty can be wiped away with a phone call to My Katy Locksmiths.

Factory Trained Locksmiths

The factory trained locksmiths working for My Katy Locksmith can help with any residential or automotive lock issue. Everything from replacing a basic key/tumbler lock to regaining access into a high security office building is covered by My Katy Locksmith.

Every locksmith that is part of the My Katy Locksmith team comes fully equipped to handle any type of lock-out emergency. In extreme cases this might mean gaining access through door removal but the My Katy Locksmiths will be prepared.

Same Day Service

My Katy Locksmith also offers a large selection of same day locksmith services. If you need to replace a lock after a roommate has moved out or want to upgrade to more secure locks then the My Katy Locksmiths can help. All of our services are offered at competitive prices and we’re happy to provide a quote before sending a locksmith your way.

Keeping your family and your business safe is what My Katy Locksmith is all about. We might not be able to prevent you from forgetting your keys but we can certainly be there when you do. Professional locksmith services are just a phone call away.

Call today for Emergency or same-day service: (713) 793-6301

My Katy Locksmiths offers competitive pricing packages for a wide assortment of services. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate. You’ll find that one call to My Katy Locksmith will be the only call you’ll need to make!

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